About me

I've always loved to paint since I was very young and I was encouraged and taught to draw and paint by my father who was a professional artist. I grew up in London and so it was relatively easy for us to visit a wide range of public and commercial galleries which reinforced my general love of painting and art appreciation. However at school I had to make the hard choice between Sciences and Art for GCSE's and I moved to the Science side and eventually went on to University and a successful and fulfilling career in chemical engineering.

But I never lost my love of drawing and continued to sketch whenever possible, although painting took a back seat due to demands of work and a family (and the fact that little children and oil paints don't mix). Having now retired I have happily returned to my first love, and time spent in my studio or painting outside is a joy.

Living in North Yorkshire I am surrounded by some beautiful countryside and I like to paint ‘plein air’ when possible to keep my paintings fresh and responsive to the colours, moods and character of the landscape which can vary rapidly with changes in light and atmosphere. However it’s not much fun painting in the rain!, so I also work in my studio from sketches, notes and photographs made on-site. I also like painting still life, portraits and life studies.

Having worked with many professional artists over the last few years on courses, I continue to develop my skills and enjoy the constant challenge of creating meaningful works of art. I regularly exhibit in several local galleries, and am starting to exhibit at a national level.